Prajna Yoga, located in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers some of the finest yoga education in the United States. We invite you to engage in the rich curricula of our Teacher Training programs which meets the highest standards for Yoga Alliance certification or satisfy your desire to learn more about all things yoga with one of our in-depth programs, retreats or workshops. We welcome all levels and believe in a comprehensive yoga born from deep practice – that nurtures Prajna: an open heart and an open mind. Prajna Yoga, embodies a classical yet contemporary approach to mind-body practice, grounded in ancient tradition weaving three main components – asana, anatomy and wisdom to educate, inspire and transform to unite subjects like:

Meditation ŸŸŸ• Somatic Intelligence Ÿ• Sutras Ÿ• Lifestyle Ÿ• Chakras •Ÿ Sensory Awareness • Teaching Methodology & Techniques •Ÿ Alignment •Ÿ Sequencing ŸŸ• Sanskrit Ÿ• Meridians • Fascia Ÿ• Ethics Ÿ

Through meditation and study of the “three jewels”—the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha—we encourage an embodied wisdom. Thus the Prajna Yoga practice supports internal transformation at the deepest level.

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