Our 200, 300 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Programs are for teachers who wish to further their studies, aspiring teachers and those who simply wish to deepen their practice and further their understanding of yoga.

Attain Insight
Our 200 Hour Program explores the foundational teachings of the yoga practice and weaves together the three primary strands of Prajna Yoga — Wisdom, Yoga Anatomy and Asana. Learn more >

Honing the Craft
Our 300 Hour Program is a “bridge program” for either students who have completed a 200 hour program with another studio or have completed the Prajna Yoga 200 hour program. Learn more >

Gaining Mastery
Our 500 Hour Program will further your skills, knowledge and style as a yoga instructor. This training is a thorough professional training for becoming a highly skilled yoga teacher which rounds out and solidifies a teacher’s complete education. Learn more >