Zen Motion

OneTree Yoga, Omaha, NE — Designed by Tias Little, Zen Motion is a unique walking meditation. This movement piece is a living meditation brought into a group form where people are engaged with each other creating a singular consciousness. Thanks to Lynn Sanchez for creating this video of the Zen Motion class.

2 Responses to “Zen Motion”

  1. Nirupa Hoffman

    Very Beautiful!! Love it, and the filming is great!
    Bless you guys, Om Namah Shivaya, xxx

  2. Susan Holbrook

    Zen Motion, Walking Meditation? It’s a dance! Beautiful! Thank you! When I was dancing in San Francisco long ago I ventured over to Ana Halprin’s Class for a break from my very intense Classical Ballet regime. This dance is very similar to an exercise that we were as Being and moving with one another as part of space.

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