Yoga Glo

As of January 2014, Tias offers ongoing classes via Yoga Glo. Some of the current classes offered:

  • Freeing the “Lateral Sheath”: Side Bends
  • Building a Bridge to Shoulderstand
  • Cultivating the Core Sheath
  • Fluidity and Stillness
  • Building the Foundation to the Temple of the Body: The Feet
  • Deep Flexion/Extension of the Frontal Hip
  • The Interior Architecture of Savasana
  • Class for Seniors and Students with General Limitations

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Zen Motion

Prajna Yoga Teacher Training, Santa Fe, NM — Designed by Tias Little, Zen Motion is a unique walking meditation part of Prajna Yoga’s Teacher Training. This movement piece is a living meditation brought into a group form where people are …

Tias teaching at One Tree, Omaha

Prajna Yoga Weekend Intensive, Omaha, NE — Watch this beautiful excerpt of the weekend…Yoga and the Deep Life Force at One Tree Yoga in Omaha, Nebraska.

Tias Little at St. Louis YogaSource 2011

Prajna Yoga Weekend Intensive at Yogasource in St. Louis, NE — If you’ve never been to a workshop intensive with Tias, these videos by Muse (Sharon Rhiney) give a taste of what it’s like:

The Sacrum in Downward Facing Dog

Yoga Journal Conference, San Francisco, CA — Tias Little explains where he believes the sacrum sits most comfortably in adho mukha svanasana. This clip filmed at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference 2010. The workshop was titled, “Unwinding the Low …