Location: TaoSatva Center #2 Upper Colonias Road, El Prado, NM | Taos, NM
Instructors: Tias Little, Surya Little
Cost: $75 + NM Tax Until 9/1 | $90 + NM tax after 9/1 | Register Online | Call 505-988-5248 to Register

Yoga and the Tides of the Fluid Body | 2-6pm

Our bodies are approximately 80% water yet as we age our bodies typically suffer from dehydration. One of the primary aims of a yoga practice is to help irrigate blood and lymph throughout the body. The body’s fluids flow in pulsing patterns, surging like the waves and tides of the ocean. In this yoga immersion, you will sense and feel the tidal rhythms while directing the movement of blood into your connective tissues, organs and cells. Practice will include a long floor sequence (in the practice of SATYA), standing poses, twists and inversions. When hydrating and nourishing the tissues it is possible to experience optimal health in your body.