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Location: Orleans Yoga | Orleans, MA
Instructors: Tias Little
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Yoga, Prana & the Bloodstream

The Pillars of the Legs – Friday PM

We can think of the legs as pillars to the temple of the spine. However all too often, the ankles are collapsed, the knees restricted and the hips stuck. In this class, we stretch and align the legs in order to bring vitality and flexibility to the spine. By increasing stability in your legs, you will have greater physical vitality, stamina and “staying power”. We focus on strengthening the feet, stabilizing the knees and opening the hips through supine, standing and seated poses.

Yoga of the Sun, Yoga of the Moon – Satuday AM

Yoga is described historically as the balance between the sun and the moon, two opposing and complementary source of light and gravitational pull. In this class, we balance the two sides of the body right (solar) and left (lunar) in order to unify our energy and illuminate the central channel. In practice we do postures, mudras, chanting and mediation to balance the right leg and left leg, right arm left arm, right nostril and left nostril, right brain hemisphere and left brain hemisphere.

Yoga, Prana and the Bloodstream – Saturday PM

Prana is the deep life force. It is breath, blood and lymph and animates all the cells and tissues of the body. However due to compression and stagnation, the blood and prana become restricted. In this immersion come prepared to generate blood flow through dynamic and supported postures. In this class, we support the circulatory and lymphatic systems by practicing movements that “pranagize” (energize) the body by bringing blood flow to all the tissues. This aids in nourishing
the tissues, healing chronic pain and bringing vitality to the body and mind.

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