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Location: Orleans Yoga | Orleans, MA
Instructors: Tias Little
Cost: $775 before September 1st $850 after September 1st {$200 non-refundable deposit may be paid before Sept. 1st to secure your spot, your full payment is then due by September 1st} *Tuition includes manual with extensive imagery, poetry, chanting, Sanskrit and anatomy. | Register Online | Call 508-255-9642 to Register

Yoga and the Deep Life Force: Anatomy of the Vayus | 10-5pm daily *last day 9:30am-1pm

In the earliest yoga practices, the life force within the body was thought to flow through tubules or vessels like the way wind or water flows in currents. In yoga, the vayus are “wind channels” related to the passage of nerve, blood and lymph. Understanding the nature of each vayu is crucial to harmonizing the subtle flow of prana in the body and to establishing health and vitality. This course is an in-depth investigation of the five primary winds in the body. We will investigate the anatomical structures and associated physiology of each vayu and map out the vayus’ location in the body. We explore the effects of stress and trauma on the vayus and cover the therapeutic application of yoga posture, pranayama and SATYA (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga) for each vayu.

Through dharma study, guided meditation, yoga nidra, somatic awareness, and yoga postures, this is a transformational week of practice and study. Each day begins with seated meditation and study of inspirational teachings. This is followed by Somatic Training (SATYA). This involves an hour of floor work and unwinding the body. Late morning involves dynamic yoga asana practice focusing on healing sequences for each vayu. Afternoons involve anatomical study of the vayus and restorative yoga sessions. Every day concludes with seated meditation. This course is part of the Prajna Yoga Therapeutic Training Track. These hours can be applied towards Prajna Yoga Teacher Certification.

Recommended Reading: Tias Little’s Yoga of the Subtle Body and Anatomy of the Chakras available on YogaGlo

DAY 1: Apana: The Lower Belly
DAY 2: Samana: The Solar Plexus
DAY 3: Prana: The Heart and Lungs
DAY 4: Udana: The Throat and Head
DAY 5: Vyana: The All-Pervading Breath

27.5 hours towards current log sheet.