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Location: Spirit Rock Meditation Center | Woodacre, CA
Instructors: Tias Little
  • Sliding Scale $325 - $695
  • Please bring your own lunch.
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    The Yogi & the Buddha

    February 2nd: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    February 3rd & 4th: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

    One of the core aims of yoga and meditation practice is to cultivate spaciousness, levity, and clarity in both body and mind. In this 3-day non-residential retreat, Tias guides a series of sessions to open, balance and deeply connect the mind and the body towards awareness, concentration and loving-kindness practices. 

    Supple Hips, Quiet Mind

    It is important for students of yoga to have open hips in order to be still, stable and centered in seated meditation. This class is an immersion to generate fluidity in the hips through both mobilization and stabilization techniques. Tias guides a series of movements to stretch, unwind and free the powerful musculature around the hips prior to sitting.

    From Inside-Out: Practice for the Core

    The aim of yoga practice is to build a strong yet pliable interior core. The challenge in yoga is to bring lightness and lift to the core without tightening or causing unnecessary constriction. One of the primary aims of this class is to mindfully build core stability.  We do this through balancing poses for the arms and legs. This immersion helps cultivate the deepest vitality in the body while cultivating feelings of levity and grace.

    Meditation and the Cranial Sacral Pulse

    The cranial sacral rhythm passes from skull to spine to sacrum and informs the subtle movements of prana inside. In this class we bring awareness to the cranial bones, the connective tissues within the skull and the movement of the brain in order to support feather fine states of concentration in sitting practice.


    The Middle Path of the Body and the Buddha

    The Middle Way is a place free from extremes, extremes that polarize, isolate and cause imbalance. The Middle Way is accessible mystically and physiologically as the central axis through the body. One of the names for the mid line is the Madhya Nadi or middle channel. This class stretches the spine—the vertebrae, the discs and surrounding musculature– to harmonize and illuminate the central channel.

    Developing Diamond Mind and Spacious Heart

    One of the aims of yoga is to embody loving kindness (metta) and to develop a “diamond mind” that clings to nothing. In this class we cultivate a vast open heart and a crystal clear awareness, one that has the power to cut through mental chatter and distraction.  Whether sitting or practicing yoga postures we cultivate spaciousness, levity and clarity in both body and mind.