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Location: Sunset Country Club | St. Louis, MO
Instructors: Tias Little
Cost: Save 10% by registering for the full event ~ $280 | Early Bird 10% discount before 11/3/2017 | A la carte registration available | Register Online | Call 505.988.5248 to Register

Master Class, Friday 2-5pm, $60
Light on the Central Channel of the Spine
In yoga the spine is described as a column of light. The spine has many beautiful names such as the Lustrous Channel, the Path of the Sun and the Radiant Channel. In this class we practice lengthening the spine and filling it with the light of prana. We do this by stretching the muscles that attach directly to the spine in standing, seated and supine positions. In pranayama, meditation and visualization practices we infuse the pathway of the spine with radiant light. Tias will begin class with a brief lecture and slideshow exploring the anatomy of the vertebral column alongside historic references to the spine of light.

Friday 6-8pm, $45
Open Hips, Quiet Mind
It is important for students of yoga to have open hips in order to be still and stable in seated meditation. Tias guides a series of movements to stretch, unwind and free the powerful musculature around the hips prior to sitting. We will focus on external hip rotation in order to benefit sciatic pain, sacro-iliac dysfunction and low back tightness.

Saturday 9:30-12:30pm, $60
The Pillars of the Legs
We can think of the legs as pillars to the temple of the spine. However all too often, the ankles are collapsed, the knees restricted and the hips stuck. In this class, we stretch and align the legs in order to bring vitality and flexibility to the spine. We focus on strengthening the feet, stabilizing the knees and opening the hips through standing and supine poses.

Saturday 2-5pm, $60
Finding Your Center
The region just below the navel is the center of gravity in the body. Called the hara in Japan, the dantian in China and related to the second chakra in yoga, it is the source of the breath and the origin of the deep life force. In this class we initiate every movement and every pose from the lower belly. Through active and passive positions, we stretch, expand and strengthen the tissues of the lower abdomen.

Sunday 9-11am, $45
The Middle Path of the Body and the Buddha
The Middle Way is a place free from extremes, extremes that polarize, isolate and cause imbalance. The Middle Way is accessible mystically and physiologically as the central axis through the body. One of the names for the mid line is the Madhya Nadi or middle channel. This class stretches the spine—the vertebrae, the discs and surrounding musculature– to harmonize and illuminate the central channel.

Sunday 12-2pm, $45
The Crown Chakra: The Sky is the Limit
In yoga practice an open mind and boundless awareness is equated with big sky. In this class we practice yoga postures in service of attaining a relaxed and open state of awareness– a big sky mind. We will work with sky meditation and practice suffusing the entire body in open space. This class serves to reduce stress, heal the subtle body and practice rarefied states of samadhi.