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Location: Prajna Yoga | Santa Fe, NM
Instructors: Tias Little
Cost: $1,395 plus NM tax *Receive 10% off if you register before 8/2/2017. *Tuition includes the training manual and/or handouts, vegan lunch, snacks, filtered water and tea. | Register Online | Call 505-988-5248 to Register

SATYA Training and In-Depth Study – Level II | 9:00-5:30pm daily * Last day ends at 1pm

Advanced SATYA Training Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement (SATYA) practices compliment asana practice while deeply restoring the body. They open the joint spaces, build sensory-motor awareness, re-educate the neural-muscular system and help develop bi-lateral symmetry. This training lays out the essentials for how to sequence the SATYA movements and how to combine them with asana. We learn how to practice and teach the movements beginning with the simplest forms and leading to greater complexity. We study the healing potential of the movements and their effects on the Five Sheaths. In addition we show how to manually adjust the forms in order to facilitate greater release.

Required Prerequisite: SATYA Level I

This Level 2 Training is a new and expanded offering building on the previous SATYA Level I course.

* 45 hours toward certification log sheet