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Location: The Church of the Holy Spirit | Orleans, MA
Instructors: Tias Little, Surya Little
Cost: $60 3-hr single session $50 2-hr Friday evening session $210 Full Immersion (all 4 sessions) | Register Online | Call 508-255-9642 to Register

Opening the Pathway of the Nadis | Friday 2-5pm

In the history of yoga practice, directing the life force in the body (prana) was compared to the way farmers damed, collected and irrigated water for their fields. Thus prana is thought to move like rivulets, streams and tributaries (called nadis) through the tissues of the body.  In this class we practice yoga posture and somatic movements to open the channels of the body, some of which are extremely delicate and subtle. By alternately extending and contracting the body’s connective tissues, we pump fluids through the circulatory system and irrigate blood and lymph into all the cells of the body. This class is designed to sense and feel the movement of the life force throughout the subtle body.

Moving into Stillness | Friday 6-8pm

This class includes movement with precision of alignment. In the alchemy of our practice we unite stillness with movement, whether in seated meditation, flowing through postures or doing unwinding movements on the floor (SATYA). This leads to states of sublime awareness and feather fine concentration.

Building the Bones through Yoga | Saturday 9-12pm

As we age the bones become lighter and less stable. In the spiritual traditions of India and China, the bones that hold the marrow are thought to house the deep life force. In this class  we practice standing and supine poses, in order to tap the bone energy and move from the body’s deepest essence.

Opening the Inner Eye of Yoga | Saturday 2-5pm

More than ever, we must find ways to open to new possibility.  Theodore Roethke once wrote, “ In a dark time the eye begins to see.”  In this practice, we bring lightness to the body in order to become centered and still. This involves opening the central pathway through the spine, mystically described as a shaft of light. In meditation, we open the eye of wisdom, to realize the freshness and clarity of each passing moment.