Dates: -
Location: Esalen Institute | Big Sur, CA
Instructors: Tias Little, Henry Shukman

One of the primary aims of practice is to integrate it so deeply into our lives that it flows through us constantly, like blood in the bloodstream. This course seeks to embody the essence of practice, investigating the wakeful nature of prana in every cell and pore of the body. Just as the blood supports all living function, so buddha-nature is the reality of all experience. The aim of our yoga is to discover this directly, not as a static, isolated event on the meditation cushion or in asana, but in the midst of everyday life.  In this course we promote the fluid nature of true awareness not only in asana, but in standing, walking, sitting and lying down. We train on and off the mat, alone and together, resting and moving. Like the blood stream, we flow in the continuity of awareness at all moments.

In addition we will undertake an inquiry of self — how do we create and maintain our sense of self? How do I know that I am who I think I am? Who do I think I am? Who am I really? Why am I here? What should I do? We will use the calming, opening and energizing effects of our asana practice, and the invigorating expansive beauty of the Esalen natural landscape, to explore these fundamental questions of a human life, as we venture into the vast territory of our true identity, engaging deeply with what it means to be a human mind in a human body in this world.

Building on the experience of last year’s experimental week of Yoga and Zen together at Esalen, Tias and Henry will guide a week of deep healing and self-exploration.