Dates: -
Location: Prajna Yoga Temple | Santa Fe, NM
Instructors: Henry Shukman, Bill St. Cyr & Sue Scavo
Cost: $525 *Tuition includes snacks, filtered water and tea. Please bring a lunch to enjoy on site. | Register Online | Call 505-988-5248 to Register

Daily schedule:
9am-12:30pm: Dream Work
12:30pm-1pm: Meditation/Yoga Practice
1pm-2pm: Lunch
2pm-4:30pm: Dream Work
4:30pm-5pm: Meditation/Yoga Practice

In the beautiful setting of the Prajna Yoga Temple, we will spend the weekend in a small group exploring the potential of our dreams. Each person will have the opportunity to work with their dreams over the course of the weekend.

This retreat offers a collaborative and adventurous dream exploration, as together we forge the container for the unfoldment of our dreams.
The theatrical enactment of dreams through Stringwork within the intimacy of our small groups will allow us to engage deeply with the dreams and one another. Guided by the deep intelligence of the dream, each participant will experience their particular journey through a cluster of dreams, as well as joining and learning from the process of their fellow dreamers.

Archetypal Dreamwork is a unique way of working with the extraordinary teachings of our dreams. The dreams offer us, each in our own unique way, both practical and profound ways to explore who we really are, who we are not and to move through any healing we may need.