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Location: Dallas Yoga Center | Dallas, TX
Instructors: Tias Little
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Yoga & the Deep Life Force

Yoking the Shoulder Girdle, Friday “Master Class” 2-5pm
Most people have some strain or compression in the shoulder, especially
on their dominant side. This is due to trauma, repetitive strain, or chronic
pulling that effects stability of the neck. In this class we practice ways to
release the upper arm, shoulder and neck. We practice movements to
stretch, strengthen and stabilize the musculature around the shoulders.
We begin mobilizing the shoulders on the floor followed by seated and
standing poses that prepare the shoulders for weight bearing.

Yoga and the Deep Life Force
Blood, Friday 6-8pm
Blood is the essence of our life force, and transports prana, the essential
life force, through the blood stream. In yoga, when we bathe all the cells
and tissues of the body there is radiant health. This class is designed to help
irrigate blood and lymph through all the channels of the body.

Breath, Saturday 9:30-12:30pm
Breath is not only the inhalation and the exhalation, but the dynamic
pumping of the life force (prana) throughout the entire body. In this class
we practice suffusing blood into all the living tissues in order to oxygenate
and revitalize the body tissues.

Bone, Saturday 2-5pm
As we age the bones become lighter and less stable. In this class we learn to
stand in the bones where the marrow or deep life force resides. One of our
aims is the practice of “bone dropping technique” to give weight to the

Skin, Sunday 9:30-12pm
The skin is our boundary between ourselves and the world. So often the
skin is constricted, dehydrated or numb due to stress and fatigue. In this
class we expand and tone the skin in yoga postures by stretching our “skin
suit” in yoga postures. In this way we support lymph drainage.

Joints, Sunday 1-2:30pm
The aim of a vital yoga practice is to keep the health of the joints. As we age
the joints become compacted, arthritic and lose mobility. Arteries, veins
and nerves pass through the joints, so when the joints are supple, overall
circulation is improved. This class is devoted to detail movements in the
knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists and spine.