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Location: Wanderlust Hollywood | Los Angeles, CA
Instructors: Tias Little
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    Asana and Pranayama as Gateways to the Subtle Body


    This intensive aims to engage the subtle body through the power of asana. Key to this is working with the bandhas. Bandhas are internal seals directing the flow of vital energy through the body. Engaging the bandhas is essential in yoga, for the bandhas spark open the nerve plexus along the front of the spine. However due to the pressures of modern day living and the way stress and trauma lodge in the body, the bandhas can be potentially irritating. In a process that requires sensitivity and deep listening, this course undertakes an in-depth study of the pelvic, abdominal and cervical “locks.” We look at the bandhas not as contractions, but as internal seals used to channel prana, activate the chakras and balance the nervous system. Through asana and pranayama this course is an experience of the subtle body by helping regulate activity in the nerves, glands and organs. In this course we compare descriptions of the bandhas from the esoteric yoga tradition with contemporary research in the fields of psychology, neurosciences, somatics and contemplative practice. Through guided meditation, somatic awareness, yoga postures and practices of yogic “soaking” (samadhi), this is a transformational week of practice and study.

    Day 1 – Getting to the Root | Mula Bandha: Gateway to the Pelvis
    This class details on how to energize the key structures within the pelvis without clenching or gripping. We see how emotions relating to stability and fluidity relate to the first two chakras.

    Day 2 – The Flying Bandha | Uddiyana Bandha and the Power Center: Gateway to the Diaphragm
    Uddiyana bandha is critical for lengthening and stabilizing the lumbar spine while activating the third chakra in the solar plexus. In the emotional body we study the energetics of power and fear.

    Day 3 – The Throat Bandha: Gateway to the Skull
    We engage the structures within the throat without constriction in order to effect the master glands in the neck and skull. We study how the throat relates to joy, vocal power and repressed emotion.

    Day 4 – The Great Seal: Maha Bandha: Gateway to the Core
    By orchestrating the three internal seals we channel life force through the spine while bringing expansion to the heart and lungs. This is one of the most powerful techniques to activate the subtle body.