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Location: Prajna Yoga | Santa Fe, NM
Instructors: Tias Little, Surya Little
Cost: $1,395 plus NM tax *Receive 10% off if you register before 1/17/2017. *Tuition includes the training manual and/or handouts, vegan lunch, snacks, filtered water and tea. | Register Online | Call 505-988-5248 to Register

The Art of Sequencing & Hands-on Adjustments | 8:30-5:30pm daily *Last day ends at 1pm

Learning how to use one’s hands to guide and adjust students is an essential skill in any class setting. This course will give students the confidence to support, guide and release the body through manual touch. We emphasize the fundamentals of how much pressure to apply and how to apply force in more than one direction at a time. Tias refers to his training in massage and deep tissue work to cover the principles of myofascial release work within yoga postures. We cover how to assist students to guide them further into poses such as twisting poses, back-bends and side-bends. We show how to help students up into inversions. We spend considerable time reviewing how to adjust people in restorative posture and how to “adjust” students with the use of props, combined with hands-on assistance. We cover the essentials of therapeutic touch including a special session on the use of tuning forks and how to adjust the cranium. The skill and real success of teaching a comprehensive yoga class involves careful and intelligent sequencing.

In the second half of this course, we cover pacing, length of holds, how to sequence using props, and combinations of postures in sequence. We cover the “faux pas” in sequencing and how to structure a class from a theme using continuity, preparatory sequencing and posture combinations. We review the importance of the opening and closing of a class. In our Principles of Sequencing we cover vinyasa, sequencing on and off the mid-line, combining symmetrical and asymmetrical postures, combining compressive and decompressive movements and more.

Morning classes review active sequencing and afternoon classes review how to sequence restorative postures, sequences for beginners and somatic awareness sequences.

* This course is a prerequisite for assisting Tias or any of the Prajna Yoga Senior Teachers in workshops, trainings, or conferences. This course is a requirement for all students pursuing a 300hr or 500hr Prajna Yoga certification.

* 45 hours toward certification log sheet