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Location: Prajna Yoga | Santa Fe, NM
Instructors: Tias Little, Surya Little
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  • Regular Price: $1,395 plus + tax
  • Includes: training manual/handouts, vegan lunch, snacks, filtered water & tea.
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    Session V: The Art of Self Practice

    8:30 am – 5:30 pm daily, last day ends at 1:00 pm

    There is no greater gift in yoga than having a daily home practice. A creative, dynamic and steady home practice is like having a life long confidant and friend. In the Yoga Sutras it is said that one should practice “for a long time and without interruption”. Getting to the mat everyday requires regular practice, whether at home, in a hotel room or when visiting your in-laws. A strong personal practice is at the root of becoming a skilled teacher. At Prajna Yoga we believe that a home practice is a necessary ingredient for becoming a skilled teacher. Yet how does one build a regular self-practice? And how to keep a practice fresh, dynamic and innovative? How can one continue to expand their repertoire of poses while diversifying their practice? This course lays the groundwork for establishing a regular and rewarding home practice.

    Course of Study

    • Adapt a practice in accordance with your individual needs (i.e age, energy levels, experience etc)
    • Consult with Surya and Tias individually during practice sessions in order to design practices that best suit you
    • Building a practice that is an antidote to fatigue
    • Designing a self practice to support sleep
    • Learn to modify poses and use props in your home practice
    • Learn to modify your practice to cope with muscular-skeletal strain
    • Integrate both active and restorative practices into your routine
    • Establish a steady meditation practice in conjunction with SATYA and asana practice
    • Learn to utilize a personal practice for teaching purposes
    • For teachers, self practice time is where you integrate and assimilate what you learn in class
    • Learn to practice according to your Ayurvedic constitution
    • Using the practice to balance the emotional body
    • Learn to practice in the morning, evening or both


    • $250 non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit or full payment is due at time of registration.
    • Remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the first day of training.
    • If you cancel 30 days or more prior to the start date, we will refund any amount paid, minus the $250 non-refundable deposit to your internal Prajna Yoga account.
    • No refunds or credits within 30 days of the start date.