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Location: Prajna Yoga | Santa Fe, NM
Instructors: Tias Little, Surya Little
Cost: $60 + NM Tax each class (pre-registration required) OR $250.00 + NM Tax for all 5 classes. (pre-registration required) | Register Online | Call 505-988-5248 to Register

Afternoons with Tias & Surya | 2-5pm

Building your Hara: Centering In | Tuesday September 19

The region just below the navel is the center of gravity in the body. Called the hara in Japan, the dantian in China and related to the second chakra in yoga, it is the source of the breath and the origin of the deep life force. In this class we initiate every movement and every pose from the lower belly. Through active and passive positions, we stretch, expand and strengthen the tissues of the lower abdomen.

Harvesting Backbends | Tuesday October 24

Backbends are rejuvenating and have an expansive effect on the body. In this immersion we explore a variety of back arches in order to strengthen the lower back and open the flow of prana through the chest. We do supported backbends using the bolster and chair for the way that they combine activity with deep rest. In seated meditation and pranayama we practice “harvesting” the abundance of prana following the backbends.

Mind Your Back! | Tuesday November 21

It is common for there to be constriction in the back body especially in the feet, calf muscles, hamstrings, buttocks and back. In this class we practice forward bends to stretch, lengthen and widen the back body from heel to crown. This enables an abundance of energy to flow throughout the body. Using forward bends, twists and sidebends, this class reduces fatigue and stiffness while bringing a quality of lightness and suppleness to the spine.

Light on the Central Channel of the Spine | Thursday December 21

In yoga the spine is thought to be filled with light. The spine has many beautiful names such as the Lustrous Channel, the Path of the Sun and the Radiant Channel. In this class on the Winter Solstice, we practice lengthening the spine and filling it with the light of prana. We do this by stretching the muscles that attach directly to the spine in supine, seated and standing movements. In pranayama and meditation we fill the spine with light on this shortest day of the year.

Holding it all Together: Yoga & Connective Tissue | Thursday December 28

Fascia is the physical structure that holds us together. Literally. It keeps our bones upright, our organs in place and supports the pathway of the nerves. A dedicated yoga practice involves moving layer by layer through the connective tissues. While fascia is the prime mover of the body, it also a vessel for holding memory, feelings, dreams and identity. In this class we practice movements that enhance the flow of fascia through the body. We also track how thoughts, feeling, memory and a sense of “I” are imprinted on the connective tissues.