I am absolutely devouring “Yoga of The Subtle Body” I am a Thai Massage Practitioner in Nelson, BC. I have read a lot of yoga books as well as books on Thai Massage and energy healing which were great, but your book sings to me! Thank you for your work and all the heart you put into this piece of art. I can’t wait to share it with my fellow healers..just simply yummy!

Liz Babcock

I am a lifelong resister of systems, conformity, order, etc. Even when I started doing Prajna trainings in 2014, I would tell myself, “Well, I really like this, but not that so much, so I’ll just use what I want and leave out the rest.” However I am now beginning to discover one of the really brilliant things about Prajna Yoga is that it inspires independent work within a scaffolding of rigor, allowing the teachings to take shape in the most authentic way possible. Non-pedantic, non-dogmatic, yet exacting and inviting all at once.

Thank you both so much for your wisdom and brilliance.

Ann Constantino

This training has transformed my practice and my teaching. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their practice and/ or advance their teaching skills in the hands of an extraordinarily talented teacher.

Alexandra Northup

Prajna is a school of the highest integrity. Tias and Surya Little deliver on what they promise. They take their commitment to yoga very seriously and are one of the few schools/teachers that truly practice what they teach.

Margaret Schulze

Tias and Surya Little are Master teachers who embody their long-established yoga practice. This concentrated month-long training at the Prajna studio adjacent to their home fosters a sense of community in the participants, provides a level of structure and discipline which is imparted by Tias & Surya in an atmosphere imbued with their deep commitment and love of the Yoga Sutras. I highly recommend this training for teachers, as well as to any individual who chooses to deepen his or her practice.

Mary Horst

Tias and Surya Little supported my growth and inner journey. Deepening my practice and guiding me to my wisdom within. The 200 hour training is gentile, insightful and supportive. I am looking forward to continuing my training with Prajna Yoga.

Michelle Ricci

In July I traveled to Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe New Mexico and spent a week in studentship with a group of teachers from all over the country and the world. We were all there to learn The Art of Teaching with Tias and Surya Little. Each of us bringing our own experience and perspective, and each of us prepared to be seen in ways we couldn’t imagine….The feedback offered from Tias and Surya was compassionate, thoughtful, helpful, and creative. Some feedback was based around the technical aspects of teaching (word choice, speed, voice, etc) and other suggestions were ideas on another approach, a new way, or a more efficient idea. Read more about Dawn’s experience >

Dawn Hayes

I love the intimacy of this school. Tias and Surya make themselves available to their teaching sangha, and it is inspiring to see them living their yoga. This is the most in depth training I have attended, and I have trained with other teachers, in many countries. Training with them made me realize the inadequacy of my previous 200hour training, and although I only planned to do their 300 hour training, the content of their courses is so rich that I was inspired to re-do my 200 hour training through them. Anatomy always intimidated me, but Tias presents it in such an inspiring way, that it has now turned in to a passion (I have gone on to become a Rolfer), and it has enriched my yoga teaching. It has been helpful for me to be able to access the Prajna trainings in the U.S. and abroad. What they teach is an evolving practice that is available to all bodies, through all phases of life. Their offerings are truly inspiring, and a great gift to anyone considering training to be a teacher of yoga.

Andrea Brailsford

I feel tremendously fortunate to have found my way to Prajna Yoga. I have had a bodywork practice for years and in that time have had the opportunity to study with many knowledgeable and compassionate teachers. My experience with Prajna Yoga during the course of the basic teacher training was phenomenal. Tias and Surya, along with all of the other instructors involved with the training, were able to create and maintain a safe space for learning, healing and transformation for each individual and the group as a whole. Words fail to express the gratitude and love I have for the Tias and Surya in facilitating this experience.

Matthew Berean

Surya leads a room with power, integrity and strong intuition. I was in a week-long training with her and enjoyed every second. Her inner sense of connection combined with tremendous knowledge was instrumental in healing my own body.  Surya helped me identify and become aware of my imbalances in my endocrine system.  After training with her I changed my yoga practice, my diet, and even my mindset to heal my body.  She can look at your body and see where you hold your stress.  It was a delightful gift to work with Surya.

Haley Bevers, Owner/Director, The Yoga Stand