Tias with Richard Freeman at Hanuman Festival

Saturday at the Hanuman Festival, this past week-end in Boulder, I was teaching a class entitled the Subtle Body outside in the tent by the river. A Colorado afternoon lightening storm swept over head 20 minutes into the class and we all had to evacuate the tent. I was stranded along with 80 students, so the festival directors decided I should join Richard Freeman in his class in the gymnasium. Richard, in all his glory was leading Suryanamaskara to 200 people in the gymnasium. So I jumped in to co-lead with Richard along with many of the students registered for my class. It was an honor to join Richard and he graciously included me in his flow. I have always admired Richard and consider him a dear friend. It was a magical moment here caught on camera, as I gave a few pointers on Warrior I.

Tias at Hanuman Jun '14

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  1. annig raley

    I so appreciate your flow and flexibility. Your shared experience reminded me of what we are capable to harmonize with oppositional forces, in this case, the weather.
    You continue to inspire!

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