Yoga Amidst the Ordinary

Yoga Journal Conference, Florida — Yoga Journal Keynote Address: At the end of the Yoga Journal 2010 conference, Tias talks about how to take the teachings home with you and actualize them in your daily life. We make the mistake of thinking that we practice yoga in order to get somewhere, the place where yoga is realized. What if yoga is really in the ordinary, where you are all the time? How do we celebrate the ordinary as being where the practice lies? Recorded Sunday November 14, 2010

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One Response to “Yoga Amidst the Ordinary”

  1. denise rubin

    loved this talk on non judgmental awareness and the ‘middle way’…..I find my ‘practice’ more and more lately about my goings and comings in the ‘real’ world as opposed to on the mat or in my case…on the (Svaroopa) blanket. I so appreciate this very timely message from Tias……
    Two hands together,
    deep bow,

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