The Gut and Intuition

In Taoist practices the source for all things is sometimes identified as the Original Dark, and the gut suggests this darkness, the underworld below the mantle of the diaphragm. It is a realm that includes the inscrutable, that which is … Continued

Brain Meditation

Begin sitting comfortably and follow a slow breath for 5 minutes. Then bring your awareness to fluid tides within your skull and brain. See if you can gain a sense of the slight expansion and contraction of your cranial bones … Continued

Insight Comes Slowly

Emily Dickinson The truth must dazzle gradually or all the world would be blind. Our process of gaining real insight comes so slowly. There is no way to force it, for that would be like “overexposure” of a photograph. We … Continued

Time on the Cape

After a week in Boston it is marvelous to have time on Cape Cod. it is sometimes dreary, yet even the grey feels nourishing. The light on the water, the spring winds on the dunes and the budding oak and … Continued

The Path Is Made By Walking

The path was created long ago, and we are now following it. The word for path in Sanskrit is marga, so we follow the yoga marga, the way of yoga. The path has been cleared and made smooth and passable … Continued

The Sound of One Hand

In sitting just past dawn this morning by the estuary called Black Fish Creek, the koan “The sound of one hand” came to me. At that very moment a shore bird called out and its shrill pitch echoed over the … Continued

Outer, Inner and Inner-Most Joy

The sentiment of joy is exquisite. I think it is one that we have all experienced at some time and it includes feelings of openness, non-partiality and a willingness to be surprised. The journey through yoga is one that guides … Continued