How shall I start teaching an active elderly student?

Dear Maya,

I would start with supported standing poses paying attention to how they stand and balance with support of a wall or countertop. Poses like utthita hasta padasana: legs spread apart ….feet accurately placed and arms extended in line with the shoulders. Or parsva hastasna learning to rotate the front foot and thigh with out losing their alignment. You could also begin with virabhadrasana 2  (warrior pose) with the hands on the wall or the waist. Do all the standing asanas against a wall for support.  With a continuous practice of the asana the appendicular skeletal structure will  improve. One learns the sense of movement and mobility within the poses bringing greater ease inside.

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  1. LA

    I have been working with a group in their 50s, 60s and late 70s. Doing a great deal of foot and ankle activation, Tadasana with variations using blocks, arms down and up (after awhile with eye closed for those who can) and Vrksasana variations beginning with bent knee leg toes touching the floor. Also wall dog, Warrior III Prep with hands and blocks, and basic Triangle.
    One of the men who is 78 who is struggling to negotiate the world tells me he does not know why but he is walking better and his ailments are getting better. OMGD…. maybe there is something to this yoga stuff after all…..

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