Ways to guide students in lifting the pelvic floor?

Press inner thighs together with a block to engage inner groin adductor to begin the process of understanding the lift of the pelvic floor. Also, suggest lying on the back and getting them to soften the abdominal organs and begin to get the same actions in the legs, contracting and pulling up from the anal sphincter.

Another way – put students in poses where the heel of the foot is under the perineum/anus region, such as Ardha Matsyendrasana and teaching to lift up off the heel.


2 Responses to “Ways to guide students in lifting the pelvic floor?”

  1. Jason Tottingham

    Fantastic informativ publish. Give thanks to U for supporting information. Lookin’ forward for ur following write-up. Cheers

  2. Emily Kinniburgh

    Thank you Tias. This was very helpful. I incorporated this into my class this past Sunday and watched as the lightbulbs began to go off on my students faces as they recognized the engagement of the pelvic floor. They were so excited to discover it! One student thoughfully asked after class “So if we begin to bring awareness to parts of our body that we weren’t aware of before, does this awareness make the areas healthier?” It is such an honor to witness the process of people beginning to truly inhabit their bodies.

    May I also thank you for your website. It is a treasure trove of information and inspiration. (I also own Thread of Breath and the Yoga Chants CD – both wonderful as well) Your approach and philosophy resonate deeply with me. You will see me some day soon in a workshop I am sure!


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