Beyond Doing, Beyond Understanding

Tias Little writes another Yoga Koan article for Elephant Journal.

2 Responses to “Beyond Doing, Beyond Understanding”

  1. Annig Raley

    In our technological advanced world, it is perhaps, often difficult to rely on our senses and our not knowing, since a click away is all the answers. I am reassured with Yoga and your article that we can be reminded that we don’t need to know now. It is a big difference with the absence of the letter “k.”

  2. Lisa Marie from Eastern Montana

    This could not have come at a better time. Such a time of year is Spring itself when we begin to burst forth in our lives and gulp down as much movement, tasks, goals, or “doing” as we might fit into the hours of the day. To remind us of the un-doing portion of our days; in tending the embers instead of stoking the fire is relevant and appreciated.

    With warmth,

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